$15 – $20/hour Working as a Courthouse Researcher

$15 - $20/hour Working as a Courthouse Researcher

by Chris Durst        Oct. 18, 2016 First things first, Courthouse Researchers or Court Researchers work FROM home as opposed to AT home. That  is, home is their base, but they will have to venture out to local courthouses to do their job. That said, with more cities moving to electronic data storage, some research can Read more »

Jobs for Courthouse Researchers

By Mike Haaren – June 28, 2016 Jobs for Courthouse Researchers have probably been around as long as courthouses. The public records filed there — involving mortgages, marriages, deeds, wills, births, deaths, and everything in between — have always been relevant to lenders, employers, lawyers, governmental agencies, etc. Courthouse Researchers often work part-time, usually as Read more »