Free Online Course How to Find & Land a Real Work from Home Job or Gig(1)

FREE COURSE: How to Find and Land a Real Work from Home Job

This FREE video-based course shows you how to find the jobs and gigs that fit you best, get to the front of the applicant line, and land the job.

Have you been…

  • Frustrated that the work from home jobs you want have closed before you had a chance to apply?
  • Thinking about working from home, but are afraid you’ll get scammed?
  • Visiting work from home sites, but not finding your ideal job or side gig?
  • Feeling defeated because you aren’t getting replies to your applications?
  • Wondering if your resume is optimized enough to get past the screening BOTS?
  • Curious about which big companies are hiring remote workers?

We can help with ALL of that – and more!

THE COURSE: How to Find and Land a Real Work from Home Job

All modules can also be viewed on the Rat Race Rebellion YouTube channel.

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Module 1: Employee vs Independent Contractor – Understanding the Differences

As you begin your search for the perfect work from home job or gig, you’re likely to come across ads for both EMPLOYEE and INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR roles. We’ll explore the differences, so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Module 2: Spotting Scams – Don’t Become a Victim

Though there are many legitimate work from home jobs and side gigs, the scams vastly outnumber the legitimate leads. (The ratio is about 60-to-1.) We’ll show you how to spot and avoid work from home scams.

Module 3: Google Your Way to a Work from Home Job!

Learn about things you never knew Google can do for you! We’ll also show you how to use Google more effectively by adding quotations, mathematical symbols, and more to your searches!

Module 4: Sneaking Into Big Companies Through the Back Door!

We’re seeing jobs fill faster and faster as working from home goes mainstream. These tips will give you a significant advantage as the window of open jobs continues to shrink. We’ll show you how to find work from home jobs BEFORE they post to the big job boards!

Module 5: Indeed.com – How To Search It Like An Expert

Maybe you’re using it regularly but, if you’re only using Indeed.com’s WHAT and WHERE related search fields on their home page, you may not be getting the best results. We’ll show you how to turn Indeed.com into your personal job search concierge!

Module 6: Shorten Your Work from Home Job Search With Industry-Specific & Niche Job Boards

Industry-specific and niche job boards can help you find more relevant and targeted opportunities in your field of interest. We’ve gathered 100+ niche job boards in 28 specialty areas and, in this video, we’ll show them how to leverage them to find your ideal work from home job!

Module 7: Big-Name Companies With Work From Home Jobs

We’ve been helping people find remote work since 1999 — back when just a handful of companies had embraced the idea and even those companies had a minimal number of home-based workers. Today, a great number of BIG COMPANIES are hiring home-based workers. We’ll show you who’s hiring and how to find their remote jobs.

Module 8: Build a Work from Home Resume That Will “Beat the Bots!”

75% OF RESUMES ARE NEVER SEEN BY A HUMAN DECISION-MAKER! Applicant Tracking Software “bots” pre-screen everything and only a handful of applicants make the final round. We’re here to show you how to build a resume that conveys your worth to the SOFTWARE that will screen it, so it can make it to the HUMANS in HR. In this video you’ll to learn how to create an ATS – BOT-FRIENDLY resume!

Module 9: Cover Letters ARE Important & Explaining Gaps in Your Resume

As you complete your online job application forms, you may find a field marked “Cover Letter (optional).” Not sending one is a BIG MISTAKE! We’ll tell you why you should send one and what it should include.  Also in this module, you’ll learn how to turn your resume gaps into a positive!

Module 10: Coming soon!