How long have you been in business?
We launched our virtual-careers training company, Staffcentrix, in 1999, and have been working with such clients as the US State Department and US Armed Forces for several years. We launched the Rat Race Rebellion website in February 2007.

We encourage you to Google us. We’ve been leaders in the work from home / virtual work field for over 15 years.

Are all of the job leads on your site screened?
Yes. We screen each job lead we list on the Rat Race Rebellion web site. We do not screen Google Ads, however, as Google itself determines those. (Our site and research efforts are ad-supported to remain free to the public.)

Do you guarantee that your screened job leads are legitimate?
While job listings posted to this site have been screened by our staff, and we believe in good faith that all listings are legitimate, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of all listings (if we did, we would have to charge visitors an insurance premium), and we can make no representations or accept any responsibility regarding prospective employers themselves.

Inevitably, with the vast number of “help wanted” ads that we screen, and the “camouflage” that inappropriate opportunities may sometimes wear, an illegitimate or inappropriate item may occasionally “slip below our radar” and make its way onto the site.

As in any job search, it remains incumbent upon the individual to qualify prospective employers. Nor, as we hope you’ll understand, can we be responsible for the outcome of negotiations between employers and the users of this site.


Do you have resources to help me screen job leads on my own?
Yes! We continue to develop articles, videos and other resources to help people screen job leads on their own. You can also borrow or purchase our book, Work at Home Now, for a full chapter on steps you can take to investigate work at home job offers.

Check back regularly for new materials that we’ll post in prominent places on the site.

We also encourage you to “like” us on Facebook – we regularly post details about the latest scams on our page.

I’ve seen ads (not “screened job leads,” but ads) on lots of sites, including yours, that say I can have work if I just send money. Is it safe to assume they are okay?
No. We strongly advise job seekers against making any type of payment for a job — even if such a payment is referred to as a “registration” or “membership fee.”

That said, there are times when a legitimate company may request a fee.

Is there ever a time when paying for work is acceptable?
Payment for the privilege of working is rarely acceptable, in our view. However, there are a few exceptions, when fees may be justifiable.

For example, when you apply for a position as a home-based call center agent, some hirers will require a background and/or credit check (usually around $30 or less), which the applicant must pay for.

Also, with regard to home-based craft assembly work (although many of these are scams, we have found a few legitimate companies), the crafter will almost always be asked to pay for materials or a start-up kit. (See our Crafting & Handiwork page for more.)

I’ve applied for so many jobs and am not hearing back from anyone. What am I doing wrong?
It’s important to remember that there’s a lot of competition for legitimate home-based work, so it may take awhile to land the job or project you want. Also, many employers have done away with the “formalities” of acknowledging receipt of an application, and no longer notify all applicants when a position has been filled.

You can improve your chances by making sure you have a standout resume – one that focuses on what you can do for the company.

You should also highlight your ability to work independently, your familiarity with virtual communications tools (e.g., instant messenger, Skype, GoToMyPC, or others), and, where appropriate, your home-based work experience.

If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one, to show your understanding of online communications, and to demonstrate your expertise in your specialty or niche. We recommend Helium as an excellent place to begin. (It’s free, as well.)

Also, be sure to follow instructions exactly. If the job lead requests a resume in the body of an email, DO NOT attach your resume – paste your resume in text format into an email (more on that below), and send it directly to the party or email address specified in the lead.

If the job lead specifies a written reply (online application form, resume, etc.), DO NOT phone the company to express an interest or request additional information. Human Resources personnel list this among their chief complaints, and smaller hirers may resent the interruption even more.

Failure to follow directions at the time of application is also often viewed as an inability or unwillingness to follow directions in general – not a trait most employers are seeking.

I have great skills and experience and would really like to work from home. Can you help me find a job that’s right for me?
Due to our ongoing commitment to provide everyone who uses our site with the best possible resources, we are regrettably unable to provide individual assistance to jobseekers.

However, we screen and upload fresh home-based job leads to our site almost every day. We hope you’ll find something there that suits your background and goals.

If you’re interested in working from home as a freelancer, you may want to have a look at our popular manual, “The 2-Second Commute.” It’s based on the highly successful 15-hour Virtual Assistant / Virtual Professional training programs we developed for the US Armed Forces and Department of State. It may be available at your local library, and is also carried at Amazon.

How do I post a job opening on your site?
If you have a legitimate home-based job opening and would like to post it to our site, please send the job details to us at CONTACT (AT) STAFFCENTRIX.COM. (There is no charge.)

How can I place an advertisement on your site?
We offer a wide variety of advertising options. Please contact us at CONTACT (AT) STAFFCENTRIX.COM, and we’ll get in touch with all the details.

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