5,000+ Customer Service Pros Needed – Remote, Flexible Schedule, Incentives

Working Solutions needs 5,000+ Independent Customer Service Pros

a sponsored post by Chris Durst     Oct. 11, 2023

It’s a great time to get your foot in the door with Working Solutions!

The folks at Working Solutions reached out to let us know they are looking for 5,000+ independent Customer Service professionals over the coming months for both long-term AND seasonal programs. (By the way, seasonal work can be a great way to “test drive” a company to see if there’s a good fit. We’ve seen many people who hopped on for a seasonal role, performed with excellence, and transitioned into long-term programs when the season ended.)

If you’ve seen any of our Facebook Live interviews with their Talent Acquisition team, you already have a sense of what makes contracting with Working Solutions different from so many other companies with similar opportunities. The team is welcoming, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic; and the company offers a robust support system to help you along the way to your personal success story.

We regularly hear from Rat Race Rebels who love their relationship with Working Solutions — some of whom are WS newbies, others who have been working with the company for years.

Woman with telephone headsetWhen I’ve asked why they love working with the company, replies have included:

The flexible hours have been a God send. My kids have daunting schedules and I want them to live their best lives. I used to have to say ‘no’ when they asked to join sports, scouts, or go on too many after school play dates. Now, I’m setting a more family-friendly work schedule for myself and the whole brood’s reaping the benefits!”

“What I love best is when I really need extra money, I can heap on the hours and make it rain!”

“In one word – the people. OK, that’s two words, but you know what I mean. :-)”

“I’ve been with Working Solutions for just over 3 years now. I started on a seasonal program and did a great job (modesty has no place in the world of successful contractors), so I was accepted into another, longer term program. I have since worked on multiple programs and I learn something new with each one.

Here’s a PRO TIP for newbies –  Don’t drag your feet if you’re interested in a particularly sexy program. There can be a lot of competition so you’ll want to throw your hat in the ring ASAP.”

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And now, on to the Working Solutions Talent Acquisition Team Rapid Response Round…

What’s the pay rate/range?pocket watch

Pay will vary by program – Working Solutions PROs have earned up to $19+/hour plus bonuses and incentives. The pay structure varies depending on the client program. Please refer to the job description of the opportunity that you are interested in for more information.

What are the program term lengths?

We’re looking for contractors for both longer-term and seasonal programs. High performing contractors with these programs can transition to other programs they may be interested in when their seasonal contract ends.

Are these opportunities full- or part-time?

Agents schedule their own time based on client hours operation and availability. Our contract hours range between 15 to 40+ hours per week. Minimum requested hours vary depending on client program.

What’s the worker status?

These are Independent Contractor roles, so we’ll be your client, not your boss!

Are there any geographical requirements for contractors?

Contractors must reside in the US (except CA, NY, PA, WA) or Canada; some programs require US residency, which will be listed in the job description, when applicable.

What’s the Expected duration of work?

This will be program-dependent; some contracts can/will last years, while others may be shorter-term or seasonal. Seasonal programs are a great way to get started with Working Solutions, and high performing contractors with these programs can transition to other programs they may be interested in when the seasonal contract ends.

Do contractors need any specialized experience or training?

No specialized experience required for most programs. If so, it will be included in the description. Contractors will be required to complete FREE program-specific education classes to prepare for and work each program. Our education team is recognized in the industry as top-notch, and they’re dedicated to helping our PROs be ready and feel confident when starting a new program.

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