Chris vs. Scammer – Check for Equipment Scam That’s Hurting Work from Home Job Seekers


by Chris Durst     Oct. 18, 2023

Yesterday morning, I came to my desk and found an email from “Indeed” with a invitation to interview for a work from home Data Entry Clerk position.

There were a few problems with this:

1. I don’t have a resume posted on Indeed and if I did I’d be one of the last people a real company would be interested in for a Data Entry role. I suck at typing and even more at typing with accuracy.

2. That email from Indeed, came from a completely unrelated email address in Paraguay.

3. The interview was to take place on Signal – a messenger app.

4. The pay was $45 per hour.

This was 100% a scam and I was 100% on board to have a play date with them! (There’s a hint about how it turned out in the post graphic above.)

I engaged and, within a couple of hours I was hired and holding a check for $4,970. Money to be used to purchase all of the software and equipment I’d need to thrive in this new role.

I captured the entire interaction in a video that will expose how work from home “Check for Equipment Scams” work.

And, although I have a fit of the giggles in the last 6 minutes of the video, this stuff is serious!

View that video on YouTube or below:


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