EXTRA CASH: Lowish Pay, Flexible Hours… Great Mission Helping Keep Students Safe Online

Gaggle is hiring part-time content screeners. No state hiring restrictions mentioned, Set your own hours.

by Chris Durst      Updated May 24, 2023

Cyberbullying, threats of violence, drug use, suicidal intentions… we’ve all seen the news stories about how badly things can go for kids when things go sour on the internet.

In this role, as a work from home Content Reviewer, you can help keep students safe online. Set your own schedule, “minimum 10 hrs. per week.”

Gaggle monitors K-12 student email and other communications for content of concern to schools and parents. Gaggle hires people to work from home to do the monitoring.

No state hiring restrictions mentioned, no college required.

This is a lower-paying, independent contractor gig. It pays about $10/hr (Note: Independent contractors are not covered by minimum wage laws). On the flip side, it can get cashflow going and provide the work from home experience that many hirers prefer. As always, it depends on your unique needs.

Here’s what the company has posted about this opportunity:

“Gaggle is seeking Independent Contractors for temporary, non-renewing contract positions monitoring online student activity. This contract work allows you the flexibility to work within the constraints of your own schedule. The choice is yours, work when it works best for you! The Gaggle Safety Management department offers a 24×7 service that is used to identify and uncover drug use, bullying, threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions, and abusive domestic situations of students in grades K-12 through various forms of communication. As an Independent Contractor, you would be supporting Gaggle’s work in making a positive impact to the lives of K-12 students.


  • Monitor and analyze student activity to identify potentially inappropriate usage including words, phrases, statements, and images within email, google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more
  • Quickly and efficiently process at least 275 items per hour, while maintaining a high level of accuracy
  • Escalate questionable findings further through the Gaggle Safety Team for additional in-depth analysis
  • Communicate and collaborate via chat with a nationwide team
  • Additional tasks as assigned


  • Experience using various computer and web-based applications in a professional environment
  • Interest and enthusiasm for reading, as the position requires focused attention to reading content of varying lengths
  • Ability to delineate between potentially harmful student matters and harmless situations
  • Experience with tech and social media cultures
  • Knowledge of trends and slang used by children and teenagers to help identify potential issues
  • Ability to exhibit tolerance of and respect for other’s opinions
  • Strong communication skills
  • Adaptability to change
  • Ability to work independently; experience working as an Independent Contractor preferred
  • Access to high-speed internet (satellite is not acceptable)
  • Access to a computer, chromebook, or laptop (tablets/phones are not acceptable)
  • Experience with Slack or other business-based chat applications is a plus

Additional Considerations:

  • The non-renewing, Independent Contractor assignment is not guaranteed for any length of time, workloads and hours will vary
  • This Independent Contractor role is not an employee role, and is not eligible for benefits or overtime pay
  • Contracts can be terminated at any time
  • There is potential for contract renewal depending on workflow and personal ability to fulfill responsibilities outlined above
  • This contract requires you be able to view content of a sensitive nature, including exposure to graphic content that may contain nudity
  • Because Gaggle strives to enter into contract agreements with Independent Contractors who contribute to Gaggle’s mission of student safety, criminal background checks are required for all prospective Independent Contractors – this screening includes, but is not limited to, both a National Criminal and National Sex Offender Registry check”

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