Make Extra Cash With These Legitimate Survey Sites

Extra cash with surveys

by Chris Durst    July 20, 2021

Survey sites won’t bring in the big bucks or stand in for a job. But you can use them to generate some extra cash to help with frills or bills.


1. You will NOT get rich doing surveys. These are extra-income options. Most surveys will pay just a few dollars. But in-depth surveys can pay much more — for example, $50+.

2. You may need to QUALIFY for certain surveys, and you won’t always be accepted. In many cases, you’ll have to spend several minutes answering questions about yourself to see if you meet the criteria for that particular survey. And it’s frustrating when you invest your time only to learn that you don’t!

3. Take the time to build a COMPLETE PROFILE! Many survey sites let you build a profile either through a form or a series of short surveys. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to receive paid surveys that you qualify for.

4. Each site will have their own MINIMUM PAYOUT THRESHOLD.

5. There are several ways to make money through these sites. Listed from highest to lowest earning potential, they include:

Companies use surveys to gather data that will help them to develop, improve, and/or market their products and services. The requirements can be quite specific. For example, one survey might be looking for “women between the ages of 24-48 who have at least one child under the age of 12 living with them.” Another may need input from “any employed adult over the age of 65 who plans to retire within the next three years.”

As mentioned, the majority of higher-paying surveys will require you to take a short qualifier survey first.

GPT – “Get Paid To”
Earn by doing things like watching videos, downloading apps, playing games, signing up for free trials, etc. These options are easy to find and don’t usually have a qualifier survey involved. Pay may be lower for these than for surveys, but they can create a steady flow of extra income.

PTC – “Paid To Click”
While we don’t recommend them, these sites pay people to click on ads. Some of them may be asking you to commit “click fraud.” Others are legitimate. You can use Google to search for PTC sites. Just be sure to read the Google reviews, too.

Following is a list of survey sites that we have heard positive things about. Some may be a fit, others won’t. (The list includes affiliate links through which RRR will earn a small amount if you sign up.)

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