Oddities in Earning: 9 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Earnings Online

9 Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

by Chris Durst       Jan. 11, 2024

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In today’s digital age, the landscape for earning extra income has transcended traditional norms. From selling distinctive foot pictures to the unconventional practice of reselling used mattresses, the online world presents an array of extraordinary money-making possibilities that might catch you by surprise. If you’re on the lookout for inventive ways to supplement your income, join us as we explore ten peculiar yet potentially lucrative ventures that you can pursue right from the comfort of your home.

1. Sell Foot Pictures:

Did you know there’s a market for foot pictures? Some individuals are willing to pay for unique and aesthetically pleasing foot photos. Explore platforms like FeetFinder and Feetify, dedicated to this unusual form of digital art.

Sites to check: FeetFinder and Feetify

2. Resell Used Mattresses:

Embrace the circular economy by exploring platforms that facilitate the resale of used mattresses. Many people are open to purchasing gently used bedding, making this an eco-friendly and unconventional method to earn some extra income.

Site to check: Sharetown

3. Participate in Sleep Studies:

Earn money while you sleep by participating in sleep studies. Researchers often seek participants to monitor sleep patterns, providing you with an opportunity to contribute to science while adding to your income.

Sites to check: ClinicalTrials.gov and Stanford Medicine Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences

4. Sell Virtual Real Estate:

With the surge of virtual worlds and blockchain technology, virtual real estate has become a significant trend. Platforms like Decentraland enable you to buy, sell, and develop virtual land, potentially turning a virtual profit.

Site to check: Decentraland

5. Become a Virtual Babysitter:

Get paid to keep kids engaged while their parents are occupied. Platforms like the Virtual Babysitters Club connect you with talented performers for small group “virtual babysitting” sessions filled with fun and creative activities.

Site to check: Virtual Babysitters Club

6. Sell Your Poop:

Looking for an unconventional way to make extra cash? Consider selling your poop. You could earn up to $180K per year if you have the “right stuff.”

Check this post for more

7. Sell Your Hair:

If you have long, healthy locks, explore the market for selling human hair, particularly for wig making and extensions.

Site to check: HairSellon

8. Participate in Focus Groups & Studies:

Offer your insights through focus groups and studies. Companies often seek consumer input for product improvement, marketing, and planning. Platforms like Respondent offer opportunities to participate and earn varying amounts per study. Studies with Respondent generally pay between $20-$250 per study, but some pay quite a bit more.

Site to check: Respondent

9. Be a Mock Juror:

Virtual mock jurors play a pivotal role in refining legal strategies. Explore online platforms like eJury and OnlineVerdict to be part of this innovative approach and gain a nuanced understanding of public opinion, with typical pay ranging from $30 to $350 per case reviewed.

Sites to check: eJury and OnlineVerdict


The internet has unlocked a realm of unconventional opportunities for earning money. While some ideas may seem outlandish, they showcase the vast creativity and diversity of the online marketplace. Whether you’re seeking a side hustle or just intrigued by unconventional methods, these unique ways to make extra cash might be your gateway to financial novelty.

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