Work from Home Seasonal Jobs

seasonal work from home jobs

By Chris Durst Dec. 5, 2011 With the holidays looming and budgets tight, home-based seasonal jobs can offer a good way to generate extra cash. Work at home Customer Service Agents are particularly in demand during holiday crushes, as orders pour in for everything from flowers to pizza to catalog merchandise. Positions pay on average between Read more »

Amazon Hiring Home-Based Workers

By Mike Haaren Feb. 28, 2012 Amazon has joined the ranks of American Express, UnitedHealth Group, The Hartford and many other major companies in hiring employees to work from home. Here are just a few of the Amazon job leads we’ve recently seen in our research and posted to our job board: Recruiting Coordinator: As Read more »

Envelope Stuffing – Are Any Legitimate?

Dear Rat Race Rebellion: My husband lost money in an envelope-stuffing scheme a few years ago, and now he says that all home-based jobs are scams. He says that I shouldn’t even look for home-based work. But you say these jobs do exist. What should I tell him? — Wanda, Walla Walla, Wash. Dear Wanda: Read more »