Focus Groups – Make $50 – $400 for Your Opinion

$50 - $400 for Focus Groups

by Chris Durst      July 14, 2016 First, the nuts and bolts. A focus group is a group of people who come together (virtually or on-site) and are asked their opinions, perceptions and attitudes about a certain product, service, ad, idea, package, etc. Companies use the data gathered from focus groups to guide them in their Read more »

Five Ways to Earn Extra Cash on the Side

By Mike Haaren Sept. 19, 2012 One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “How can I make some extra money from home?” With the economy stagnant, retirement plans iffy and wages unchanged since Noah floated, it makes sense. And not only do home-based micro-projects help pay the bills, they can often beef up Read more »