Want Free Beer? Sign Up to Be a “Secret Hopper”

Free Beer Sign up to become a Secret Hopper


by Chris Durst       June 11, 2024

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Free beer and a chance to check out cool breweries — become a Secret Hopper!

“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson, Actor

If you agree with Jack, and also love a good freebie, here’s a Secret Shopper gig that can pave the way to free beer!

SecretHopper.com is a platform that bridges the gap between breweries and beer enthusiasts who are eager to share their opinions. As a beer tester, you’ll have the unique opportunity to visit different breweries, taste a variety of beers, and provide valuable feedback directly to the brewers. This not only enhances your beer-tasting skills but also contributes to the improvement of craft brews around the country.

You’re not going to get rich as a Secret Hopper, but you could have opportunities to try new breweries while getting reimbursed for a couple of beers plus a little extra in some cases.

In other words, do it for the love of beer over the love of money. 🙂

More on the Free Beer Gig From the SecretHopper.com site:

We are looking for detail oriented, fun loving individuals who want to objectively document their experiences at breweries.

Please provide us with a little basic information, read the Independent Contractor Agreement, and we will contact you when positions are available near you.

The more detailed your writing samples, the more likely you will be selected for a future Secret Hop.

Secret Hopper is not a way to make money, but a fun way to fund your craft beer hobby and help the industry we all love.

We look forward to contacting you when we have “work” in your area.

About the Application

The application process looks pretty straightforward, but the company stresses the importance of being detailed and specific.

It kicks off with a question about how you would classify yourself as a beer drinker, with the options being:

  • New Beer Drinker
  • Social Drinker
  • Beer Nerd

The Secret Hopper application also gives you an opportunity to strut your stuff when it comes to those all-important details and specifics mentioned above. These two questions are your chance to shine:

  1. Please describe a recent experience at a brewery or restaurant.
  2. What makes you qualified to be a Secret Hopper?

The stress the importance of avoiding replies like, “I love beer,” and seizing this opportunity to dazzle them with your writing skills.

They also remind you to, ” Treat this like a real job application.”

How It Works:

Sign Up: Getting started is as easy as raising a pint. Simply sign up on SecretHopper.com, create your profile, and let them know about your beer preferences and tasting experiences. Take the time to craft great answers. On the application they state, “Do not just write ‘I love beer.’ Show us your writing skills! Breweries are looking for shoppers that can pay attention to small details. If you do not supply a detailed writing sample, you will not be contacted for openings in your area.”

Assignments: Once registered, you’ll receive notifications about available assignments in your area. These assignments could range from visiting a local brewery to trying a specific beer at a nearby pub.

Tasting Experience: Head to the assigned location, immerse yourself in the ambiance, and savor the beers on offer. Take note of the flavors, aromas, and any unique characteristics that stand out to you.

Feedback: After the tasting experience, provide detailed feedback through the SecretHopper.com platform. Your insights help brewers understand consumer preferences and improve the quality of their brews.

Perks of Being a SecretHopper:

Free Beer: Enjoy complimentary tastings and sometimes even full pints as you carry out your assignments.

Flexible Schedule: Work on your terms. SecretHopper assignments are often flexible, allowing you to choose when and where you want to evaluate beers.

Expand Your Palate: Discover new and innovative brews while broadening your beer-tasting expertise.

Contribute to the Industry: Your feedback helps breweries enhance their offerings and provides valuable insights for the ever-evolving craft beer scene.

Some Insights From the Secret Hopper Founder

Andrew Coplon, founder of Secret Hopper and Craft Beer Professionals, uploaded a video to YouTube in January 2024 in which he discusses how Secret Hopper works. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“After completing an application to become a Secret Hopper, our term for mystery shoppers that visit breweries, you’ll be added into our system. We are working with breweries across the United States, and when we have an opening to visit a tap room near you, you will receive an email and a text message including all the requirements for the visit. It will include how much you will be paid, what you’ll be asked to order, and the dates and times available for you to choose from.”

“When you have confirmed your first visit, you’ll receive an email with the complete instructions and the link to provide your feedback. The bulk of the questionnaire is “yes” or “no” and time-based questions. Things like, Did the staff offer recommendations,” or, “How long did it take to receive your drink?”

He does mention payment in the video as well, but the company is pretty transparent about this not being a way to make money, but rather a way to try new places, and brews while helping breweries to bring their best to the public.

Ready For Some Free Beer?

Becoming a Secret Hopper with SecretHopper.com is could be a great way to indulge your love for craft beer without breaking the bank. Join the community of beer enthusiasts who are helping to shape the future of the craft beer industry, one pint at a time.


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