“We Got Hired!” Congratulations to RRR Job Finders!


By Mike Haaren & Chris Durst – Founders, Rat Race Rebellion — Sept. 29, 2023

“We Got Hired!” – Congratulations to RRR Job Finders! 

Please join us in congratulating another group of RRR job finders! We’ve excerpted some of their messages below.

Thank you all again for emailing us and posting to our Facebook page! Thank you for the referrals, too — and the pats on the back! They mean a lot to us here!

If you have an “I got hired” story you’d like to share, write us at [email protected]. If not, we hope you get good news soon! ~ Chris & Mike

I just wanted to let you all know I GOT HIRED!!!!!! I got hired as a Driver Outreach Specialist at Mudflap. I am so grateful for RRR. I have been using your website for years and I am so appreciative of all the hard work and dedication that is put into bringing quality work-from-home jobs. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

Tyeisha E.


Yesterday I accepted an offer from Walgreens for the remote call center specialist!! This was posted on July 27 and I applied the same day. Didn’t hear anything from them until they called me yesterday (9/13) with the job offer. The position starts Oct 19. Thank you so much!!! I hope you post it in the newsletter!

Michelle M.


After two months of unemployment and religiously applying to the applicable jobs you post every day, I got hired with Carenet Health! In my current orientation that started today, I’ve heard at least 3 others who got hired after finding this position on your site! Thank you 1000x over!

Anissia E.


I was part of the same group as Anissia in orientation for Carenet last Thursday. Thank you so much for posting these. Hope you hear from the others.

Tawana B.


I just got hired with Carenet Health! (Wellmed engagement team). I’m in my current orientation that started Thursday (9/21/23). I love this job and I really love your site. Thanks so much for indexing all of these great jobs.

Timothy T.


I got hired! Thank you I got hired by World Travel Holdings three weeks ago and I officially start on Monday. Full time with benefits and 401k with travel perks! Thank you very much for the job lead!

Victoria B.


Just got an offer letter from Williams-Sonoma for seasonal Customer Service Rep! RRR is my go-to for reputable WAH jobs and I always share the site with those who are looking…you are the best! Thank you!

Vida S.


I Got Hired by Premera/Blue Cross and start training next week. Thank you Rat Race Rebellion!



Just wanted to state that I started working for Direct Interactions and they have a contract through ODJFS. I’ve been working for them since December 2022 and I’m going to take a part-time job for the holidays with this other company called Minted. I have an interview with them today. I’ve been telling everyone about Rat Race Rebellion and people thank me all the time for having the flexibility to work from home with this company.

Clinique C.


I have been applying for jobs for a while now and then all of a sudden I had 4 interviews and received 2 job offers!!  I accepted a job with Premera and start training in Sept. Thank you for all you do to help people find legit work at home jobs! I am always recommending you guys to people!

Stacey J.


I got hired by Yardi Matrix and start on Sept. 5th. Thank you so much for sharing all of these jobs and ways to land them!

Katherine R.


I landed a slot with Yardi Matrix for their Fall 2023 Rent Survey. It’s a temporary gig, but it will sure help with the cash flow situation. I’m still looking for a permanent gig so hopefully the next time I find a position through RRR, it will be PERMANENT!! 🙏

Thanks for all you do!!!!

Giselle A.


Maybe a bit late, but I was hired at Sedgwick a little over two years ago. I started in the call center but have been promoted to Leave of Absence Coordinator. I found the job through RRR.

Kelli M.


I got hired at Gaggle.net! Thank you RRR for all the postings!

Kassandra R.


I just wanted to thank y’all and say I got hired with Walgreens. Definitely appreciate y’alls hard work and dedication we appreciate all y’all do.

Lawaina G.


Thank you so much for posting all these companies that offer work from home opportunities! I just got the job with Smith.ai as an Outreach Rep. And yes, I can confirm they do pay for your interviewing time/process. Again, you guys’ rock!

Ann M.


I am pleased to say that I am still with the same company that hired me several years ago. ACD, now ACD Direct, hired me in June of 2019. I am still with them today. I was hired on to take calls for their donation line; now I am a SME which is a Subject Matter Expert in the QA department – which is Quality Assurance. I am loving it, the best decision I ever made back then. Thanks Rat Race Rebellion. 😊

Yoni T.S.