Work from Home Connecting Patients With Doctors – Earn Up to $15 Per Hour

WORK FROM HOME Customer Service Reps are Needed TO HELP CONNECT Patients With Doctors FOR TELADOC

a sponsored post by Chris Durst     Oct. 12, 2203

Help people, work from home, control your own hours and, in turn, control your pay rate!

Teladoc, a computer-based, non-emergency healthcare service provider, is in need of home-based Customer Service Reps and NexRep is helping them to meet those needs through their contractor Marketplace.

The company works with many of our RRRebels already and would like to share this opportunity with you as well.

To that end, we’ve interviewed Katie Wysowski, NexRep’s Talent Engagement Manager, to learn all about this opportunity! Read on for all of the details.


Now, on to the Q&A:

RRR: Can you share a bit about what this Teladoc opportunity looks like?

NexRep: As a Customer Service Representative, you’ll be taking inbound calls from Teladoc customers. You’ll help connect patients with doctors, assist with patient registrations, verify memberships, set appointments, help manage billing, and troubleshoot basic technical issues.

RRR: Tell us about the worker status of customer service reps who join to work with clients through the NexRep Marketplace.

NexRep: All opportunities available on the NexRep Marketplace Platform are independent contractor opportunities. As such, they are able to set their hours, be their own boss, and enjoy the tax benefits that are only available to business owners/self-employed persons. However, we recommend consulting with an accountant to determine eligibility.

RRR: Is the Teladoc opportunity full- or part-time?

NexRepContractors enjoy flexible scheduling and use a self-scheduling platform to select their own hours within the client’s hours of operation. Hours of operation for this client are 24/7, giving contractors complete flexibility to provide services when it works best for them. On average, most Marketplace contractors service between 20-30 hours per week, but ultimately, how much time you put in is up to you.

RRR: What states are contractors encouraged to apply from?

NexRepNexRep contracts with people in 33 states. The only states we do not currently contract in are: AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, ME, MO, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA, and WI. We do not currently contract with anyone outside of the US.

RRR: What is the expected duration of the Teladoc contract?

NexRep: These are long-term contract opportunities.

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RRR: Tells us a bit about the traits of people who are successful in this role.

NexRep: You’ll do great in this role if you have strong customer service skills, a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, and good computer skills are also important. It’s also essential to have:

    • Strong attention to detail
    • The ability to maintain a focused, professional environment
    • Empathy, patience, and integrity
    • Self-sufficiency and strong organization skills
    • Strong multitasking skills, including the ability to utilize a variety of resources and computer applications simultaneously
    • The ability to maintain confidentiality and secure sensitive information

RRR: I understand there’s a new payment structure for the Teladoc account that allows contractors to earn a higher hourly rate by working more hours per week. Can you tell me more about that?

NexRep: Of course! We recently introduced a new pay structure for the Teledoc account and our contactors are loving how it gives them even more control over their earning potential.

NEW PAYMENT STRUCTURE  (More Hours = Higher Hourly Rates)

This remote, flexible opportunity starts at $10 per hour. Independent contractors that service 20+ hours a week will receive $12.50 per hour for any hours serviced between 8am-8pm EST. Contractors that service 30+ hours in a week will receive $15 per hour for any hours serviced between 8am-8pm EST.

Nexrep Teledoc Pay Schedule 3

In addition, contractors are eligible for a $350 certification bonus.

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RRR: As a follow-up, and just to make sure I understand this new payment structure accurately.

If a contractor works 32 hours in a week – with 25 worked between the hours of 8AM and 8PM, and 7 hours falling outside of that time frame, am I correct in thinking 25 hours would be paid at a rate of $15/hour and 7 hours paid at a rate of $10/hour?

NexRep: Yes, that’s correct!

RRR: As these are Contractor roles, I know there are not traditional employee benefits, however, what would you say are the benefits of working with NexRep?

NexRep: NexRep Marketplace Contractors can take advantage of NexRep Perks, a program that recognizes the service provided by independent contractors to NexRep’s clients and their customers via the NexRep Marketplace platform. With the NexRep Perks program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Perks points. As those points add up, you’ll unlock access to Perks – exclusive discounts and savings on a variety of common expenses such as health and dental coverages, banking services, legal and technical support, and more!

Please note that NexRep is connecting independent contractors to exclusive discounts and savings opportunities and is not providing employee benefits nor establishing an employee benefit program. Each independent contractor makes their own decision whether to engage with a Perks Partner. NexRep receives no compensation in any form from the Perks Program.

Additionally, we offer:

    • One-on-one mentorship
    • Free certification and ongoing development opportunities
    • The freedom and flexibility to choose your own schedule, within the client’s hours of operation
    • The chance to achieve better work-life balance

RRR: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our visitors?

NexRep: Before ever taking a call, you’ll participate in a thorough and interactive remote Certification Program that provides you with the knowledge needed to be successful as a Customer Service Representative for Teladoc.

Upon successful completion of certification, contractors have the opportunity to earn a $350 certification bonus.

RRR: Finally, can you explain the next steps for any RRRebels who would like to work on the Teladoc program?

NexRep: It’s very straight forward!

    1. Click any of the buttons in this post to learn more.
    2. Register to become part of the NexRep Marketplace.
    3. Complete an online assessment that typically takes about 20-30 minutes.
    4. Schedule a time and talk with a NexRep Marketplace Coordinator. The call will likely take about 10 minutes.
    5. Order and pass a background check. More details will be provided.
    6. Complete paperwork including an Independent Contractor Agreement, W-9, and Direct Deposit Form. More details will be provided.
    7. Complete certification, which runs for two weeks, Monday through Friday, with eight hours of classroom time per day. Following certification, you will be eligible for a $350 certification bonus.

We hope you’ve found this interview helpful and that you’ll click here, or on the button below, to learn even more about this opportunity and to get started with NexRep on their Teladoc program soon! Please share this post with friends and family who might be a good fit for this opportunity!


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