You May Be Owed Money and Not Even Realize It! Check These State Run Unclaimed Property Lists NOW

You May Be Owed Money and Not Even Realize It - EVERY STATE HAS A LIST OF UNCLAIMED PROPERTY - Check for your name now!! (Old bank accounts, contents of safe deposit boxes, wages, insurance benefits, security deposits, stock dividends and other funds)

by Chris Durst       June 30, 2023

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Did you know that each state has an “Unclaimed Property” division that holds onto money that is owed to people who live (or once lived) there?

SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM, RIGHT? But it’s not! The lists are free and are maintained by the Treasurers of every state. 

The lists include — but aren’t limited to — money owed from old bank accounts, contents of safe deposit boxes, wages, insurance benefits, security deposits, stock dividends and other funds that remain unclaimed for three years or more.


I live in Connecticut (always have, so my search was easy) and ran my name through the state’s Unclaimed Property Search. I found that I was owed money from AT&T and Amazon.

Now, I didn’t even remember ever having an AT&T account until I saw this listing. Reaching back in my memory, I recalled that my landline had been with them for years. But I had terminated that account at least 15 years ago.

Screenshot showing listings of money owed to Christine Durst

In the Connecticut base I also found listings for my son, my father (deceased), my grandfather (deceased), two of my brothers, and a nephew.

In our cases, none of them were huge amounts, but we claimed them and the money should be en route shortly.

Out of curiosity, I also searched the Florida list for another brother. I found that he had a couple of LARGE AMOUNTS from a forgotten insurance policy. I passed the link along to him and he has put in his claim.


I encourage everyone to jump on to the sites for every state you have lived in to see if you have unclaimed money.

You may find that you have deceased relatives who have money owed as well. In those cases, you can file a claim if you are a relative or beneficiary and can prove the relationship.

The sites are free to use and there is no fee for submitting your claim or obtaining your funds.

There are companies that will charge a finders fee – don’t fall for it, do the search for yourself and keep your money.

We pulled together a list of the search and claim sites for each state for you — have at it!!


  • You can also search MissingMoney.com – a site that is approved by many US States and Canadian Provinces. It’s free, of course, and easy to navigate.
  • Be sure to check all states you have lived in.
  • Be sure to search under previous names
  • If there is a common misspelling of your name, search the incorrect spelling

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