Your Work from Home Resume: How to Include Rideshare Work on Your Resume

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by Chris Durst    Jan. 16, 2020

Over the years, we’ve heard from many rideshare drivers who are looking to supplement or replace their job, but aren’t sure how to include their driving work on their resume. In this post, I’ve gathered up some of the advice we’ve given and out it all in one place for you!

I personally believe that great rideshare drivers have an amazing and highly-transferable set of skills. Then again, I’ve been self-employed for decades and have a solid understanding of how much work, sweat, and stress goes into creating a successful business.

That said, not every hiring manager who looks at a resume fully understands the non-driving aspects of being a rideshare driver, or the skills it takes to succeed at self-employment.

As such, they (the hiring manager) may discount an applicant’s fit for a job based on a preconceived notion — “How does your experience driving help me fill this customer service position?”

That’s why I feel it’s helpful for these self-employed individuals to create a section in their resume that showcases their non-driving skills and experience when applying for non-driving roles.


First things first, what job title do you use and who do you list as your employer?

Remember, in most cases, rideshare drivers are independent contractors and are working for themselves. You have a business-to-business relationship with Uber or Lyft – they are your client.

Job Title

Listing “Uber Driver” on your resume downplays your role in the relationship and the skills you use to excel in that role. Uber itself refers to their drivers as “Driver-Partners.” Since you are self-employed, you may name your own job title just as long as you accurately represent your role.

Start with a job title that fits what you do, but also aligns you well with the position you are applying for.

NEXT, think about what you do in addition to driving!
Rideshare drivers are self-employed and, as such, the job involves a lot more than meets the eye.

What you decide to showcase/emphasize on your resume will depend largely on the type of position you are applying for.

For example, let’s say you’re applying for a position that requires customer service skills. You might do something like this:

Service Provider             Date – Date
<Your Name here as employer>

    • Maintained productive and cooperative business-to-business partnership with <Uber, Lyft, etc.>
    • Achieved and maintained 5-star status based on feedback from customers
    • Delighted over 1,000 customers with safe, friendly, professional, on-time service
    • Deftly adapted to situational changes to best meet the needs of the customer
    • Managed difficult customers and addressed their concerns or complaints to reach a mutually-satisfactory conclusion
    • Provided a comfortable and caring environment for customers
    • Engaged in kind and positive social interaction with customers on a per customer basis

Or, if you are applying for a role that’s more administrative in nature:

Partner, Independent          Contractor Date – Date
<Your Name here as employer>

    • Maintained accurate records of all business transactions
    • Tracked income, expenses and deductions to ensure accurate tax filings
    • Tracked and scheduled all recommended and situational service required to ensure optimal vehicle integrity
    • Managed all written business-to-business communications with client-partner
    • Reviewed and executed all client-partner contracts
    • Delighted over 1,000 customers with safe, friendly, professional, on-time service
    • Maintained productive and cooperative business-to-business partnership with <Uber, Lyft, etc.>

Many people simply don’t understand the many hats a rideshare driver wears. Use your resume to showcase those hidden talents.

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