Get Paid to Read: Companies That Reward Your Book Reviews

Love books 9 Companies That Reward Your Book Reviews

by Chris Durst       Jan. 12, 2024

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If you’re an ardent reader bursting with insights on the latest literary gems, here’s exciting news – there are companies eager to pay for your book reviews! Not only can you indulge in your passion for reading, but you can also earn some extra cash along the way. Dive into this list of companies that offer compensation for your valuable perspectives on the world of books.

Online Book Club

Overview: Online Book Club provides free books in exchange for honest reviews. Payments range from $5 to $60 per review, depending on the book’s length.


Overview: Kirkus Media hires freelance book reviewers to review pre-publication books. Compensation varies, and reviewers must submit writing samples.

Mike, an avid book lover himself, wrote some reviews for Kirkus. Here’s his take on it:

“I was a reviewer for Kirkus in my spare time, mostly just to keep in touch with the lit world. I reviewed about 10 books in all, in their busy Indie line — books submitted for review by self-published authors. (It’s a booming trend — more than 1.6 million books were self-published in 2018 alone. These stats were released in Oct. 2019.)Kirkus paid $50 per 350-word review, and as far as I know, they still do. You don’t get a byline (your review is anonymous), but the editors were easy to work with — friendly and responsive. I always got paid on time, too, monthly by direct deposit to my checking account.

There were plenty of books to review. Almost as soon as I turned in a review, another book would be available. (As with many Book Reviewer gigs, you keep your free review copy.) And after you’ve been reviewing for awhile — say after 8-10 reviews — you can ask for a raise. If you’ve been hitting your deadlines — reviews are due two weeks after assignment — and the indie title flow is good, and your reviews don’t need a lot of editing, you may get it.”

Book Browse

Overview: Book Browse offers a First Impressions program where readers can receive free books in exchange for providing their opinions. Regarding payment, they say, “Our reviewers tend to write about one review a month for us, and receive a byline and modest payment. “


Overview: NetGalley connects readers with advanced digital copies of books in exchange for reviews. While not all opportunities are paid, some publishers offer compensation.

Reedsy Discovery

Overview: Reedsy Discovery invites reviewers to join their community, offering payment for well-written and thoughtful book reviews.

The US Review of Books

Overview: The US Review of Books hires freelance reviewers to assess books across various genres. Payment is provided for published reviews.

Women’s Review of Books

Overview: Women’s Review of Books focuses on books written by and about women. They accept unsolicited reviews and pay for published submissions.

Booklist Online

Overview: Booklist Online, published by the American Library Association, pays freelancers to review books. They seek reviewers with expertise in specific genres. “Booklist pays $15 for each review, and the average reviewer writes two to three reviews per month.”

Bethany House

Overview: Bethany House, a Christian fiction publisher, occasionally pays for book reviews. They prefer reviewers with a significant online presence.


Before delving in, carefully review the specific requirements and compensation details of each company. Whether you’re a literature enthusiast or aspiring critic, these opportunities provide a chance to turn your love for reading into a rewarding endeavor. Happy reading and reviewing!


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