Module 9 Cover Letters ARE Important & Explaining Gaps in Your Resume(2)

Module 9: Cover Letters ARE Important & Explaining Gaps in Your Resume

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As you complete your online job application forms, you may find a field marked “Cover Letter (optional).” Most applicants will see the word “optional” and move right past it. Big mistake!

Also in this module, you’ll learn how to turn your resume gaps into a positive!

In the following video we’ll show you how including a cover letter can give you a big edge, and how to write a great one!

HAVE QUESTIONS?: We’re happy to answer your questions in the COMMENTS section below this video in YOUTUBE.



HAVE QUESTIONS?: We’re happy to answer your questions in the COMMENTS section below this video in YOUTUBE.


Not many people are thrilled to write cover letters, but it really is important! Especially with Applicant Tracking Software in the hiring process.

Although your cover letter should be tailored to the job, here’s a way to shorten the task. Create a document with a list of IMPACTFUL sentences that you can plug into most cover letters with a simple copy and paste, and a little customization. These might include:

  • A catchy opening sentence that doesn’t read like it came from a 1960’s career text book
  • Statements about your skills and experience
  • Impressive facts about your accomplishments (think in action verbs like increased, decreased, exceeded, improved, etc.)
  • “Name dropping” statements if you have a meaningful referral to the company
  • A great finish with a call to action. (For example, “I hope to further discuss the position and what skills I’d bring to the job. I look forward to hearing from you to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.”)

Make sure your experience and skills are showcased, but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through as well!

As an example, we recently read a cover letter with an opening statement that stood out:

“I’m sure that, like myself, many other web designers have heard that <company> is a great place to work. I’m also sure that, like me, they have applied for the current opening and that you’re very likely buried in resumes. That said, I’m sure that while mine is “just another resume”, I am not just another applicant!”

She went on to tell the employer about her qualifications and accomplishments, and how she would leverage her skills and experience to help the company meet their goals.

We had a chance to speak with her. She said she crafted the opening line as a “hook” — an honest means to prompt the Hiring Manager to keep reading. It worked for her, and helped her land the job.

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