Work from Home in the Travel Industry – 8 Companies to Check Out (Some Offer Travel Perks!)

Work from Home in the Travel Industry 8 Companies to Check Out (Some Offer Travel Perks!)
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by Christa Barbari       Dec. 6, 2023

WFH jobs are filling faster than ever, so if you find a job you like, apply or share quickly! Sorry, but we have no role in the HR processes of other companies. If you encounter difficulties in the application process please contact them directly. Good luck in your hunt, and may you be working from home soon!

Travel is a popular career path for remote workers. As we venture farther from the brick-and-mortar office, perks on travel and leisure sound great, right? A career making large events and customers’ vacation dreams a reality sounds like fun. Imagine what you can do with the perks on off- time!

Travel jobs are highly competitive in the job-finding race. Beat everyone to the punch by doing your research on the employers’ sites before jobs are posted widely!

Below we’ve listed 8 giants in the industry to start your search. Not all are hiring at the moment, so you may want to bookmark their jobs pages and check back regularly. These are also included in our FREE COURSE: How to Find and Land a Real Work-from-Home Job. If you want to find work ASAP, be sure to check it out!


American Express  is known for excellent travel programs and top-tier assistance. Their jobs are highly sought after and require a careful approach. You may have to apply more than once to land the role you want.

Best Western is a large chain that utilizes remote workers in sales, IT, reservations, and more.

Capital One is best known for banking, they also cultivate a top-notch travel program. Positions go quickly, so make sure to lock into their career portal!

Expedia Group hires sales, customer service, and IT from around the world.

Hilton is a household name worldwide, especially among travelers. The company gets good reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed, with 4 stars out of 5.

Holland America is a leading cruise provider that has hired remotely for sales, customer service and IT roles.

Hyatt occasionally hires remotely for customer service, and also hires for finance, sales, and other roles. As with other companies, be sure to sign up for their job alerts so you can be at the front of the pack!

Travel + Leisure hires remote workers in many capacities, from account resolution to senior-level management.

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